Chinese diet plan

Chinese Diet Plan

In European countries, the Chinese diet plan does not enjoy a well-deserved reputation. We’ve heard about cancer-causing glutamate, a lot of greasy noodles, and white rice. In fact, the Chinese diet is one of the healthiest in the world, with a long and complex history based on thousands of years of Chinese medicine. And so the Chinese fast food familiar to Europeans violates almost all the rules of the traditional Chinese diet.

Correct weight loss in Chinese

The problem of excess weight at all times has been relevant for people of different ages and social statuses. What is the secret of the harmony of the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire?

Choosing a Chinese diet for weight loss, you need to tune in to comply with all the rules. The main task is to reorganize metabolic processes to a new diet so that in the future you can easily do without high-calorie dishes. Observing the rules, you can lose from 7 to 20 lb – it all depends on the physical capabilities of the body and the duration of the weight loss course.

The Chinese diet is especially recommended for those seeking to reduce abdominal volume and gain a slimmer waist.

The advantage is the absence of hunger strikes. Nutritional balance and minimum salt intake are considered important principles.

Nutrition rules:

Chinese diet plan: nutrition rules

  • Eliminates snacks;
  • observe the drinking regime;
  • remove sugar, confectionery from the diet;
  • strictly adhere to the menu and the specified amount of products;
  • the last meal should be no later than 18.00.

Menu features

Before starting your diet, cleanse your digestive tract. To do this, 5 days before starting to lose weight on an empty stomach, drink two glasses of warm boiled water. Thus, you start metabolic processes in the body, stimulate the intestines.

The Chinese diet is about eating proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, but the main focus is on fiber.

Potatoes and other starchy foods will have to be abandoned. When buying food, pay attention to its quality; it is best to purchase fruits and vegetables from farmers.

Introduce more sea fish into your diet – it is rich in omega-3 acids, which the body needs iodine. When it comes to coffee, give preference to natural ground coffee. This drink activates metabolic processes and speeds up the burning of calories.

Menu options

Each diet option is designed for a specific period of time – a week, two weeks, twenty-one days. The daily diet of each method consists of three meals a day. If you feel a strong feeling of hunger, then drink water (without gas and sugar) in unlimited quantities.

For 7 days

Chinese diet plan: 7 days

Sustaining a week with a minimum of calories is not an easy task. But the result will please – up to minus 20 lb.

Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of skim milk, kefir, or yogurt. Breakfast is repeated each day.

Monday Black coffee (no sweetening), crispbread. Cabbage salad, 2 boiled eggs, a glass of tomato juice without salt and sugar. Cabbage salad, 2 eggs, a glass of clean water.
Tuesday A piece of boiled fish, cabbage leaves. A piece of beef, a glass of skim milk.
Wednesday Carrot salad (made from boiled vegetables), 1 hard-boiled egg. Fresh green apples (you can eat as much as you like).
Thursday Fried parsnips in a dry pan, 2 green apples. Steamed beef (8 oz), Chinese cabbage leaves, 2 boiled eggs.
Friday A piece of fried sea fish (1 lb), tomato juice. Fish, vegetable salad, clear water, or green tea.
Saturday Boiled chicken (8 oz), cabbage salad. Cabbage salad, 2 boiled eggs, green tea.
Sunday A piece of steamed beef or veal (8 oz), fruit. Beef, green apples.

14 days

Chinese diet plan: 14 days

 The first 13 days of the diet are carried out on a strict menu. On the last day, if possible, you should only eat fruits or vegetables.




Sugar-free coffee

Cabbage salad, 2 boiled eggs, 1 tomato Boiled or fried fish, garnish – cabbage salad
Tuesday Fish (same as for the first-day dinner), cabbage leaves Boiled beef, a glass of low-fat kefir or sugar-free yogurt
Wednesday Raw egg, carrot salad, season with vegetable oil Green apples – as much as you want
Thursday Baked parsnips, apple 2 hard-boiled eggs, cabbage salad, a piece of boiled beef
Friday Carrot salad dressed with vegetable oil 1 lb of steamed fish, tomato juice without salt and sugar Fish and cabbage salad

Sugar-free coffee

1 lb cooked skinless chicken, salad Carrots, boiled with butter, 2 hard-boiled eggs
Sunday A small piece of beef, favorite fruit Dinner can be repeated any other than day 3

On day 21

Chinese diet plan: 21 days A hard version of the diet, the result is up to 30 lb of lost weight.

First 3 eggs, 3 oranges, green tea
Second Porridge on the water, green tea
Third Stewed vegetables in vegetable oil, green tea

Types of Chinese diets

There are several types of Chinese diet food for weight loss, some are quite strict, others are more gentle. Choose the option that suits you best.

Hard diets are contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, adolescents, and people with stomach problems.


Chinese diet plan: salt-free A salt-free diet means not only avoiding salt, but also a ban on sweets and baked goods. In addition, the calorie content of the diet should be significantly reduced – all dishes are boiled, baked, or steamed. Duration – 2 weeks.

Menu examples for 1 day

LUNCH Steamed or boiled fish, cabbage salad.
DINNER Boiled lean meat, kefir.
LUNCH 1 egg, 3 pcs. boiled carrots.
DINNER Sour apples.
BREAKFAST Carrots passed through a grater (can be seasoned with lemon juice).
LUNCH Chicken fillet, vegetable salad.
DINNER 2 eggs, cabbage, and carrot salad.

Strict oriental

The diet should be followed for 2 weeks:

  1. The first is allowed three times a day for 1 egg and 1 orange, green tea without restrictions.
  2. For the next 7 days, the diet contains only cereals on the water, green tea without restrictions.

The third week is a gradual exit from the diet.

Cabbage diet

Chinese diet plan: cabbage diet Peking cabbage has unique cleansing properties. It cleans not only the gastrointestinal tract but also the blood, as it contains lysine.

In addition, it contains vitamins and is very useful:

  • for the nervous system;
  • immunity;
  • of the cardiovascular system;
  • preserving youth, giving the body vigor;
  • losing weight.

Protein Chinese Diet

Sample menu

BREAKFAST Green coffee.
LUNCH 2 boiled eggs, cabbage salad, seasoned with cheese.
DINNER A little boiled chicken, vegetable salad.
BREAKFAST Green tea is unsweetened.
LUNCH Lean boiled meat, 2 tomatoes.
DINNER Vegetable salad.
BREAKFAST 1 cup of kefir.
LUNCH 8 lb of baked turkey.
DINNER Grated carrots, 5 oz of cabbage.

Rice diet

Within 7 days, you can eat rice in unlimited quantities and drink at least a liter of non-carbonated mineral water per day. It is believed that rice removes toxins from the body. However, such a diet will not work for people prone to constipation.

There is a slightly lighter version, during which, in addition to rice and water, it is recommended to introduce carrot and cabbage salads, as well as leafy vegetables into the diet.

On tea

Chinese diet plan: pu-erh tea Based on the use of Pu-erh tea. The essence of this method is to replace one meal with tea. But this does not mean that other foods can be high in calories. Give up sweets, bread, pastries, boil all dishes, or steam.

Pu-erh tea dulls appetite, so do not get carried away with it and completely refuse to eat, replace only 1 meal.


A distinctive feature of Chinese dishes is the excellent cutting of all products. Since the Chinese eat with chopsticks, each piece should be small so that it is convenient to pick it up and bring it to the mouth.

Chinese cabbage salads: 2 options Chinese diet plan: salad from chinese cabbage

  1. Prepare cucumber, Chinese cabbage, bell peppers, olives, garlic, and olive oil for dressing in advance. Mix everything except the cabbage leaves, and rinse the leaves themselves and wrap the prepared salad in them. Put the rolls in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
  2. Take 1 lb of cabbage, 14 oz of radish, 5 oz of greens, 3-4 feathers of green onions, 1 egg, 4 oz of green peas. Chop everything into strips, cover with soy sauce mixed with sunflower oil. Season to taste.

The correct way out of the diet

The period of adaptation to normal food takes about 10 days, so during this period, it is important to drink plenty of fluids and take vitamins.

  1. After the first week on a diet, add 1 glass of kefir per day and 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese to the diet, it is allowed to eat 1 fruit each.
  2. Only lean meats – lean pork or white poultry.
  3. Even after finishing your diet, drink plenty of green tea without sugar.
  4. Desserts in small quantities are allowed only 3 weeks after the completion of the weight loss course.
  5. Drink plenty of green tea.

Weight loss results

By adhering to strict limits, you can lose up to 20 lb in 1 week. However, it is quite difficult to withstand it, besides there are contraindications. Lighter Chinese diets do not promise such quick, significant results, they can reduce weight by 7 lb in 1 week.

Advantages and disadvantages Chinese diet plan: asian chinese women

Positive sides:

  • the body learns to eat smaller portions;
  • includes a lot of vegetables, fruits;
  • excludes wheat bread, which is very useful, since gluten in people prone to allergies retains water in the body;
  • effective results.

Negative sides:

  • too little protein food;
  • poor diet;
  • suitable only for healthy people with a stable nervous system, without problems with the digestive system;
  • not recommended for allergy sufferers (especially a diet with eggs and oranges);
  • This type of diet significantly increases blood sugar levels and can provoke bouts of hunger.


What oriental medicine says

Any diet can be both beneficial and lead to serious health problems. Therefore, for each person, healers select a dietary ratio on an individual basis. It depends not only on the state of health of a person but also on his age.

Chinese doctors recommend a separate diet for teenagers for weight loss. At the age of 21 to 42, a person should eat a variety of foods and receive all the necessary substances, that is, vegetarianism is excluded.

But after 42 years, you can arrange half-day fasting or fasting days. According to doctors, the older a person is, the fewer portions of food should be, and more hungry days – this prolongs life.

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