Drinks for quick weight loss

Drinks for quick weight loss

It’s so simple – you drink delicious drinks for quick weight loss before meals, and the extra pounds melt like magic! Moreover, spring fatigue is replaced by cheerfulness and a good mood. These are the same qualities that detox drinks have for cleansing the body. What’s the secret?

Fast weight loss drinks at home

I will share with you recipes of nutritious drinks that accelerate the process of losing weight, which can be consumed on a daily basis.

Green tea

Drinks for quick weight loss: green tea
Nutritionists recommend green tea as a natural fat burner. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help burn fat, especially in the belly, by causing it to be released from fat cells. So if your goal is to lose belly fat, then drink green tea as part of your daily fast weight loss drink – 3-5 cups a day for best results.

Other unsweetened teas that can speed up weight loss and metabolism include:

  • Mint tea,
  • White tea,
  • Oolong,
  • Puer
  • Rooibos.

Black coffee

Drinks for quick weight loss: black coffee

Coffee lovers will be delighted to know that black coffee is on the list of delicious and nutritious drinks for quick weight loss.

Black coffee is calorie-free and rich in antioxidants. It is known to improve metabolism and suppress hunger. Plus – a moderate amount of coffee will improve your mood and concentration.

Whey Protein

Drinks for quick weight loss: whey protein
Whey protein isn’t just for men or bodybuilders. In fact, when combined with regular exercise, whey protein accelerates weight loss while maintaining or building muscle mass.

Protein is a food supplement with a huge composition of nutrients, low in fat and carbohydrates. This means that whey protein:

  • keep you feeling full for a long time and prevent overeating during the day,
  • will accelerate metabolism.

Just one spoonful will keep you feeling full for at least 2-3 hours.

Use a whey shake for a small snack. Let’s say a morning snack between breakfast and lunch, or before a workout.

You can add 1 scoop to your morning breakfast:

  • oatmeal
  • pancakes,
  • pancake mixes,
  • cocktails, and more.

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Fat Burning Drinks for Fast Weight Loss

Drinks for quick weight loss: water with lemon

Lemon water

I’m sure everyone has heard about the benefits of drinking lemon water, especially in the morning on an empty stomach.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and potassium, which are essential nutrients for a healthy metabolism. Drinking a warm glass of lemon water in the morning has been shown to improve digestion and hydrate the body.

After a night’s sleep, the body is dehydrated due to a lack of fluid for at least 7-8 hours. Therefore, we need to hydrate the body. First thing in the morning to drink 2-3 glasses of water with lemon (2-3 tablespoons per 4 cups of water).

The benefits of lemon water:

  • improves digestion,
  • reduces flatulence,
  • removes toxins from the body,
  • increases energy levels,
  • prevents the appearance of wrinkles,
  • cleanses, improves skin condition and color.

The simple habit of drinking lemon water in the morning will help you lose weight quickly and maintain a healthy weight.

Drink recipe:

  • 2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp honey or maple syrup
  • a pinch of cayenne pepper (optional);
  • 1 bottle of warm water.

Drinks with additives

Drinks for quick weight loss: drink with fruits

This fast weight loss drink recipe is very simple and can be prepared in 5 minutes in various variations.


  • 1-2 varieties of fruits or vegetables (apple, orange, lemon, cucumber),
  • spices or herbs (cinnamon, mint, lemongrass, vanilla),
  • 2 pt of water.

Place your chosen ingredients in a jug and chill in the refrigerator for an hour before serving. If you like a stronger flavor, refrigerate it overnight.

Here are 5 of my favorite combinations for fat-burning drinks:

  1. medium-sized thinly sliced ​​apple, cinnamon stick;
  2. 1/2 cucumber thinly sliced, 1/2 lemon thinly sliced ​​and
    a small handful of fresh mint leaves;
  3. 1 orange, thinly sliced, vanilla extract
  4. 1/2 cucumber, thinly sliced;
  5. 1/2 lemon, 1/2 orange, and 1/2 lime, all sliced ​​thinly.

The ingredients for making a quick weight loss drink are indicated per 2 pt of water.

These naturally flavored drinks have a pleasant, refreshing taste without adding extra calories. Plus useful vitamins from fruits and vegetables with benefits for the body.

Slimming Magic Ginger Drink

The combination of biologically active substances found in ginger, cucumber, mint, and lemon, removes toxins, reduces hunger, and stimulates the process of burning fat.

Gingerbread Drink Recipe

Drinks for quick weight loss: glass with ginger


  • 1 small peeled cucumber
  • ginger, sliced ​​or grated,
  • mint leaves.

Mix all the ingredients, cover with boiled hot water and leave overnight until it cools completely.

How to drink ginger drink for quick weight loss

Within 3 days, 1 glass before each meal. There should be a lot of vegetables in the diet at this time, and the serving size should be half the size of the usual.

Useful ingredients of a drink for quick weight loss

Ginger – The root of ginger contains gingerol (the substance that gives it a burning taste). Gingerol significantly speeds up metabolism and burns fats. Essential oils significantly reduce appetite.

Lemon – aids in digestion. It is rich in vitamin C, which not only strengthens the immune system and perfectly tones, but also performs functions important for weight loss: it enhances intestinal motility, lowers cholesterol, and converts fats into energy.

Water minus calories. It takes 50 calories for the body to absorb half a liter of water. But the water itself does not contain them! And if you drink it cold, the effect will increase, because first, it must warm up to body temperature.

Mint – “no” to appetite. The aroma of this herb reduces appetite, especially sugar cravings. In addition, mint stimulates the production of bile and therefore improves metabolism.

Cucumbers – remove toxins. They have very few calories, but a lot of potassium and magnesium, which are able to expel excess water and toxins from the body. Plus, magnesium has the ability to convert sugar into energy and lift your mood!

The best drink for fast weight loss and a flat stomach

Drinks for quick weight loss: pineapple with ginger juice

Let’s make a juice for a flat stomach that can be consumed throughout the day as a substitute for snacks.

Beverages familiar to many in bottles are heated during the pasteurization process, therefore they cannot boast of a sufficient amount of vitamins and any useful components of the health of the body. Sometimes they contain hidden synthetic, genetically modified ingredients and tons of sugar.

Freshly squeezed juices contain biologically active substances that are immediately absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract.

Eating raw foods is believed to be:

  • promotes digestion,
  • preservation of vital enzymes.

Spicy Ginger Pineapple Green Juice


  • a bunch of spinach
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 7 ¼ oz grams of fresh pineapple,
  • 1 tbsp fresh ginger root

Add all ingredients to a juicer, squeeze out the juice. Serve immediately.


Fast weight loss drinks are not a substitute for water. Not getting enough water can slow down your weight loss. Our body needs 9-13 cups of water every day. Water flushes waste and toxins out of the body.

These drinks will not work miracles. Just drinking without changing your usual lifestyle will not help you lose weight. Organize and plan your meals, move more, and be patient.

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