Foods that burn belly fat

Foods that burn belly fat

Nutritionists have made a sensational discovery: foods have been found that burn belly fat and they truly work wonders. Now, in order to aesthetically design the most problematic part of the body – the stomach, you should not categorically refuse food, resorting to severe fasting, which is harmful to the body.

The undoubted plus of nutrition with an emphasis on these products is its complete scientific character. It is based on the results of thorough research conducted by scientists at two medical centers in Texas women’s university.

The results of their experiment were published on the Internet portal Medical News Today, designed primarily for the medical audience. We will listen to their arguments, find out what products remove fat from the abdomen and sides, and try to learn how to compose a diet of a fat-burning menu ourselves.

Nutritionist recommendations

The dream of almost every woman is to eat a lot, but not gain weight, but, on the contrary, lose weight and remove the tummy. It seems impossible, but it is not. In nature, there are foods that burn belly fat. In fact, there are a great many of them, they are affordable and tasty.
But in order to properly balance your diet, you must take into account the basic principles of proper weight loss.

  • No products that burn fat in the human body will be fully effective if you consume too fatty or carbohydrate foods.
  • And also do not expect visible results if you eat foods that burn fat, but at the same time lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • The process of burning belly fat will be especially effective and fast when you combine foods that help burn fat and special diets in your meals.
  • The whole foundation of fat loss is to balance the body, set the digestive system on track, and flush all toxic and pollutants out of the body.

13 foods to burn belly fat

So, experts from Texas have compiled and offer a list of 13 foods that, as they were convinced, are the best for removing fat deposits in the abdominal area. This is what this rating looks like.

Champion Almond

Foods that burn belly fat: almonds
Almonds are an example of an impeccable balance of easy-to-digest proteins, high-quality fats, and “long-playing” carbohydrates, thanks to which a feeling of fullness remains for a long time. In addition, almonds contain 4% fiber, which helps the intestinal tract to remove excess fat.

According to scientists, almonds are the most nutritious plant product, but at the same time, they are also dietary. At the same time, experts do not urge to give up a full meal in favor of almonds. Nuts, they say, won’t hurt and still help you lose weight when added to soups and salads.

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Superfood from the tropics

The natural habitat of Bertolethia – a tree that produces Brazil nuts – is the coast of the Amazon.

Brazil nuts contain an abundance of polyunsaturated valuable acids, a lot of thiamine (aka vitamin B1), selenium, magnesium, iron, zinc … In terms of nutritional qualities, coconuts and macadamia are superior. And tastier, as gourmets say.

A few Brazilian nuts can replace a hearty dinner and don’t force yourself to starve until the morning. And the control group, in which the fruits of Bertolethia were consumed daily, lost weight faster than the one where they did without them.

Sprouts of youth

Foods that burn belly fat: sprouted wheat

Wheat germs in an honorable third place. But if we talk not only about metabolic processes but about the effect on cells, then seedlings are the most powerful tool for rejuvenation.

Wheat germ is better, more effective than expensive vitamin complexes, they quickly saturate the body with energy and, thanks to the fibers, absorb harmful cholesterol.

Ancient bread

The oldest culture on the planet (remember the legendary lentil stew), unfortunately, is forgotten in many countries today.

Foods that burn belly fat: lentil

Meanwhile, lentils are a storehouse of proteins, potassium, phosphorus, and other nutrients. And also, what is especially interesting, the source of tryptophan is an amino acid, without which the “good mood hormone” serotonin is not synthesized.

Well, and fiber: water-soluble lentil fibers perfectly “cleanse” the intestines, promoting its emptying, and ultimately losing weight.

At the same time, 100 g of boiled lentils have fewer calories than a similar amount of lean veal.


Oatmeal in the diet is nothing new. Their “secret weapon” is beta-glucans, compounds that release calories slowly while simultaneously strengthening our immune barrier. This is why oatmeal gives you long-term satiety and at the same time improves your health. Do not forget also that cellulose performs the duties of an orderly, adsorbing toxins.

Potato No. 1

Sweet potato tubers are the absolute record holder for the concentration of retinol (vitamin A), they contain substantial doses of potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, choline, vitamin K … Surpassing the usual potatoes in all respects, sweet potatoes contain one and a half times fewer calories.

“Sweet potato” noticeably dulls the appetite, and an appetizer of boiled sweet potatoes, green onions, and lemon juice are considered a “salad for slim” in many countries.

Useful “curls”

For most of us, kale is known as cabbage. What is its feature?

Foods that burn belly fat: cabbage

The fact that she retained the valuable qualities of her “great-grandmother” of wild cabbage. It was cultivated and eaten by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and later the Crusaders.

In cabbage, there are “deposits” of vitamins C and K, 25 amino acids, which a person cannot do without, strategic reserves of calcium, and as much Omega-3 as in fish products.

Fresh kale is recommended. But it’s not just about salads: in Japan, a drink is prepared from curly leaves of kale, which is credited with miraculous properties to remove subcutaneous fat.

Savior vegetable …

This greenery, loved by many, is included in the most popular diets. More and more studies are devoted to broccoli, which reveals all the healing facets in it.

The potential of asparagus cabbage (the second name for broccoli) is amazing: it is vitamin C, folic acid, arginine, glycine … And easily digestible potassium, silicon, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus … And even special antioxidants that inhibit the growth and development of cancer cells.

More recently, it was found that broccoli is able to remove toxic substances that enter the human body from polluted air, that is, it is especially indicated for residents of large cities and industrial regions.

It is best to consume broccoli either very fresh or frozen. Long-term storage (more than two days) deprives broccoli of half or more of its nutrients.

Miracle fruit

Foods that burn belly fat: avocado

Alligator’s pear is jokingly called “vegetable fat”. Indeed, fats in avocados make up 60%. But besides them, there are glucose and fructose, niacin, thiamine, carnitine, biotin, unique antioxidants.

Do you know why Mexicans are rarely obese, despite the fatty and rather heavy local cuisine? Because they prefer guacamole to all appetizers and sauces.

Heroic berry

Its exact name is common blueberry. But in fact, this fruit is special.

Foods that burn belly fat: smoothies of blueberries
The berry is surprising in that it contains very little fruit acids. On the other hand, there are astonishingly many essential vitamins (A, B, C), manganese, calcium, magnesium, flavonoids, and glycosides, which improve blood circulation in the capillaries and lower sugar levels. Blueberry polyphenols inhibit the growth of fat cells and break down lipids.

Nutritionists recommend enriching cocktails, yogurts, muesli with blueberries, use them as snacks and desserts.

Protein triad

Chicken, fish, and eggs are the only animal products to make it to the top, compiled by scientists. What are their merits?

Foods that burn belly fat: chicken breasts

  1. The diet, which is based on white boiled chicken meat, allows you to remove 5-6 lb during the week. This is because this dish has significantly fewer calories than any other animal food, and the ratio of protein and minerals is close to ideal. Chicken is also good because it saturates for a long time.
  2. However, the same can be said about eggs. By the way, nutritionists have radically revised their own advice and today they say that eggs can and should be eaten daily. Protein meals help burn belly fat without the slightest stress on the body. And cooking such food does not take time.
    Foods that burn belly fat: salmon
  3. The most useful and dietary fish are fatty varieties. Nutritionists’ favorites are Sicilian tuna, trout, salmon, pink salmon, cod, halibut, flounder. Some freshwater species can be added to this main list: carp, catfish. After all, fish is not meat, its fat content is not a vice, but evidence of the presence of fatty acids, most important for health.

If it is not possible to regularly buy fresh fish, eat canned fish, because canned fish is an exceptional case when the substances we most need remain intact and safe.

Trying to compose the diet ourselves

Many people ask the question of how to get rid of fat on the belly and sides without much bullying the body. Everything is very simple. It is necessary to structure your diet in such a way that the number of calories eaten per day is slightly less than the amount of energy spent on processing food. This principle forms the basis of almost all weight loss rules.
We have analyzed the products of fat burners, which significantly accelerate the metabolism of fats and actively burn the internal, the so-called visceral fat.

Low-calorie foods are believed to help fill the stomach and trigger the body to naturally lose weight. All this is true. These products include many vegetables (cabbage, carrots, parsley, cucumbers, radishes, etc.), fruits (citrus fruits, pineapple, plums, and others), and berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries).

From these products, you can prepare delicious salads and dishes for every day, while the process of losing weight will accelerate. Green tea can be a supplement (drink several times a day).

Soups, recipes for which consist mainly of vegetables and herbs without meat. Cook with the obligatory addition of cabbage and celery. If you add them to your daily diet, you can very quickly adjust your figure. It is also worth adding other vegetables that contribute to the breakdown of excess fat in the body: carrots, beets, zucchini, cucumbers, herbs.

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