how to quickly lose weight women without exercise

How to Quickly Lose Weight Women Without Exercise


How to quickly lose weight women without exercise you ask? There are plenty of miraculous types of nutrition. However, most of them are incompatible with reason. You understand: a diet including yoghurts and fruit… is surely not the optimal one. It is also fair enough: the perfect method to lose kilos is to burn more calories than you consume with meals and drinks.

Yes, that’s not too far off! To get the result, you should be more physically energetic, monitor your nutrition intently. Only a little bit, have my word! In order not to hurt someone, find the patience to get new habits!

So, how to quickly lose weight woman if you don’t have the power (or ability) to exercise yet?

Right morning

Try to wake up a little sooner than you need it so that you don’t rush to do all your morning “rituals.” A good morning creates a good day. You can perform a short warm-up to mash your sleep muscles (pandiculation, exertion, and relaxation of different muscles performed without even getting up from the bed). Put aside your phone and do not check your email. You can do it later, as you do not need any stress at all: you should better go to the shower, get air, and eat breakfast as useful as possible.

right morning

Go for walks

Everyone has heard about the magical 10,000 steps a day to lose weight quickly without exercise, but we can’t always get close to that value. Try to approach it gradually: get out one stop earlier than you need, walk up the stairs instead of an elevator. Start by coming down the steps and then you can add a lift. If you live on a high floor, you can start by overcoming a few staircase marches.

Dress comfortably and for the weather

One reason why we walk little is that often we are not dressed for the weather (too hot or too cold). The lack of comfortable shoes can also be the reason. Just admit that if you are not comfortable, the desire to move will no longer arise.

How to quickly lose weight women without exercise: dress comfortably and for the weather

Be interested in the new

Surely you only take one route to work, and on weekdays you visit the same café during lunch or go to the same place in the country. Inject diversity to your weekdays: discover new places, try to walk different routes. Yes, it may take a little more time away from you, but the task of moving more will be done.

How to quickly lose weight women without exercise: be interested in the new

Plan walks

All previous tips are peculiar tricks designed to inflame you a little bit. However, if you don’t include time for walking in your life, then it won’t show up magically. Moving is an essential part of life that you should put time on your schedule, too. Start gradually: at least with a 10-minute walk in a park. It will also be unnecessary to examine the weather forecast to dress accordingly.

Take care of your diet

If you think through every meal and snacking beforehand, the chance to catch excess calories will be much lower. In fact, our diet depends more on whether we lost kilos or not.

How to quickly lose weight women without exercise: take care of your diet

Some simple pieces of advice are below:

  1. Add carbohydrates to your diet. Eat whole grains, spelled wheat, cabbage, cauliflower, beans. They contain much roughage, so even in small quantities; they numb starvation for a long period.
  2. Nota bene: fat intake doesn’t make you overweight. Factually speaking, fat is an essential part of nutrition.
  3. Protein is indispensable to vital function.
  4. Three elements must present in your meal: carbohydrates, protein, and fats.
  5. Cook meals using butter or vegetable oil

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Cut sugars consumption

It is extremely important to clearly realize the measure when eating sugars. Quit eating sweet stuff is the fastest way to say “farewell” to extra kilos.

How to quickly lose weight women without exercise: cut sugars consumption

A glass of juice you drink for lunch, the cake which you eat with a cup of tea, or even cereal for breakfast contains an ample quantity of sugar. Every time, when going to the supermarket, examine the sugar levels on the package and try to select those foodstuffs that have less of it.

Enjoy green tea

Green tea is one of the extremely valuable drinks. Scientists have proven:  this ancient drink is healthiest because it contains huge many antioxidants that provide burning of calories and speed up biotransformation inside our bodies.

How to quickly lose weight women without exercise: enjoy green tea

It is better to drink it right after breakfast and lunch, as it has the highest metabolic level at this time. Green tea keeps metabolism high, which promotes successful gastrointestinal digestion.

Don’t eat fast food

Of course, fast food is very profitable. It frees you from cooking, keeps your time and effort. However, there are several reasons why it’s worth giving up.

How to quickly lose weight women without exercise: don't eat fast food

Fast carbohydrates include monosaccharides, or “simple carbohydrates”, and disaccharides, which contain two monosaccharides. These are carbohydrates such as:

– glucose;

– fructose;

– sucrose;

– maltose and others.

The most common type of fast carbohydrates in food is glucose. How do fast carbs affect the body? Glucose, like other monosaccharides, is quickly absorbed by the body and provides a lot of energy. However, this energy is consumed just as quickly, and excess insulin, which ensures the absorption of glucose, causes a feeling of hunger.

The peculiarity of the body’s assimilation of glucose and other monosaccharides is that for this purpose the human gastric gland produces insulin. Insulin converts monosaccharides into the polysaccharide glycogen, which is deposited in the liver. With the normal consumption of monosaccharides, this does not cause any harm, but with their excess in the blood, insulin processes monosaccharides into fatty acids and they are deposited as fat. Usually, during the diet, fast carbohydrates are completely excluded from eating.

Increase your quality sleep

How to quickly lose weight women without exercise: increase your quality sleep

It sounds paradoxical, but a healthy and fulfilling night’s rest will also help lose kilos. The fact is that our metabolism slows down because of the undersaturation, and therefore more fat accumulates. A good night’s sleep, conversely, will disperse metabolism.

Sleep for at least 30 extra minutes. Does it seem “a little bit” longer? However, it is not! Your body uses energy even when you’re resting.

Drink more water

It is another simple or a bit corny, however, so valid advice. If you set up a water intake regime, you will not only be able to lose kilos, but you will also look much better, smarter in all senses of this word.

How to quickly lose weight women without exercise: drink more water

Water consumed by a person while losing kilos has the following beneficial effect:

  • Delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
  • It moisturizes the skin and improves its overall condition.
  • Regulation of digestion by reducing appetite.
  • Improved metabolism.
  • Dilution of blood and acceleration of its circulation.
  • It increases the efficiency of the body and its readiness for training.

Water is non-caloric. Moreover, it is involved in the breakdown of fat. Its use contributes to the acceleration of this process. A losing kilos person sheds extra pounds faster and does not gain new ones.

Set your goal to make away with stress

Stress contributes to weight gain. Every time we face a stressful situation, we start overeating or smoking extra cigarettes, for instance.

Stressful situations provoke the release of several hormones: adrenaline, corticoliberin, and cortisol. This is how the brain and body prepare for the fight. In the short term, adrenaline reduces food cravings. However, this does not last long. When the effect of adrenaline disappears, the essential role is given to cortisol-the stress hormone. Increasing cortisol levels in response to prolonged stress increases appetite and makes us prefer fatty foodstuffs. Under the influence of cortisol, the visceral fat surrounding the internal organs begins to accumulate in the body.

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The wisest way to get less irritable is to manage your life better. Observe moderation in nutrition, get rid of extra stuff, and reveal your work-life balance, go in for sports and you won’t notice getting calmer and even slimmer. Thus, you will lose weight quickly without exercise.


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