I Want to Lose Weight, But There is no Willpower. What to do And How to Love Sports

I want to lose weight, but willpower is a painful question for many. Fortitude plays a key role in losing weight. It is also one of the main reasons that prevent you from losing excess weight. However, despite this, it is simply impossible to lose weight without diet and physical activity. And now the time comes when there is simply no strength to look at the state of the figure and the desire to make the figure better takes over. Therefore, we will consider a few tips to help you pull yourself together and start getting rid of those extra pounds.

I want to lose weight no willpower: what to do

The word “diet” for the majority today generates negative emotions and this is connected only with the fact that it is necessary to renounce our favorite foods, to calculate the days of the end of the hated diet. In our last article, we discussed how to quickly remove the belly, but many have problems with the willpower to lose weight. I want to, but I don’t know where to start. Let’s try to understand these issues.

Secrets of proper nutrition

So that the diet is not torture, it is necessary not to count calories, but only to give up unhealthy foods, which lead to excess weight – fried in large quantities of oil. You can replace them with steaming food or in the oven. Also, this method allows you to get more free time for physical training. And we also highly recommend not buying instant food.

Helpful advice – do not set yourself a mega goal to lose 40-50 lb in a short time with the help of rigid “hungry” diets. This is not only useless but also fraught with negative consequences (nervous breakdown, indigestion, etc.) Start with 2-4 lb in one week, and the second try to keep the weight. It is good to draw a graph showing the number of days and the results achieved by hanging it over the refrigerator.

How to eat right

I want to lose weight: vegetables Your diet should include as many vegetables and fruits as possible. Replace your favorite dessert with fruit, fast food fries with regular potatoes baked with cottage cheese and herbs, and coffee with coffee yogurt. White bread – replace with whole grain bread and so on. Within two weeks, your new diet will become a habit, which will lead to weight loss.

How to compose a diet for weight loss

First of all, your diet should contain protein foods that will keep you feeling full and will allow you to refrain from your favorite sweets. Actually, therefore, nutritionists recommend eating proteins in the morning. Proteins are found in:

  • white meat;
  • eggs;
  • sour milk;
  • peanuts and hazelnuts;
  • in many other products.

Carbohydrates help our body get enough energy. There are simple and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are very harmful to our figure and should be discarded as soon as possible. Simple carbohydrates include:

  • bakery products (sweets, buns);
  • products fried in vegetable oil.

Complex carbohydrates are those carbohydrates that help us lose weight. These include:

  • wholemeal pasta;
  • whole-wheat bread;
  • brown rice;
  • vegetables that help you lose weight and not feel hungry.

Try not to mix proteins with carbohydrates. You cannot completely eliminate them. After all, carbohydrates are involved in the assimilation of proteins by the body, but still, it is not recommended to consume large amounts of carbohydrates and protein foods together.

Helpful hints – when there is not enough willpower to lose weight, choose for yourself something from which you will enjoy.

For those who want to have a thin waist, elastic hips, and slender legs, there are procedures that promote weight loss and give pleasure:

  • Visit a bath or Finnish sauna;
  • a warm bath with aromas of essential oils and sea salt;
  • wraps with honey, white clay, chocolate;
  • massage sessions.

How to love sports

Forcing yourself to exercise for overweight people is extremely difficult. People put it off until Monday, a week, a year, and so on. Precisely because they consider physical activity “heavy”, they think about a bad result and, most importantly, that sport is not an interesting activity – it characterizes them as people without willpower and proper motivation – the goal of losing weight. However, even a slight physical activity has a tangible effect. In order to start playing sports, it is not at all necessary to visit fitness rooms or any group classes. Even home cleaning is enough. For 2 hours of intensive cleaning and ironing, while standing, about 400 kcal is burned. And if you decide to do morning exercises or even a set of exercises, then you will see the result very soon.

I want to lose weight, but no willpower – 8 tips Custom Keto Diet

Don’t be discouraged. Here are 8 tips to help build willpower, shed those extra pounds, and maintain your desired weight:

1. Strong motivation

Make sure weight loss is really important. Have you ever wondered why most people say they want a slim figure, but not many really succeed? The reason is that often it is not just a lack of proper motivation. Why do you want to lose weight? Feel healthy, look great, or because the society in which we live imposes its own cult of beauty on us. Having recovered by 2-3 lb is almost a mortal sin. You probably don’t have any motivation to lose weight if the only reason is to be like the beauties from Cosmopolitan. Make sure that the reasons are different from the general hysteria fanned by the media.

2. Long-term weight loss and maintenance

The only way to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss is to realize that it is not essential to lose weight. Where it is more important than to save the parameters of the figure. It is good to realize that it is often easier to lose weight than to maintain weight. It is important to accept the fact that you will need to change your lifestyle and keep it. It will take at least six months.

3. Losing weight while sleeping

I want to lose weight: sleeping woman Quality sleep is the key to success. Most of us are chronically sleep-deprived. You may not even notice it, for most it seems a natural state. However, lack of sleep impairs the function of the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that is responsible for self-control. In most cases, the problem lies in the amount of sleep, not in its quality. Depriving it is destructive. In general, the basal sleep requirement for a mature person is 7-9 hours. To have willpower and lose weight, you need to establish sleep.

4. Stress under control

Being under continuous stress, we understand that this is not good for our health, but very few people realize its harmful effects. If you are tense, the brain incites us to various temptations – sweets, alcoholic drinks, etc. Therefore, it is very important to keep stressful situations under control.

5. Don’t go without food for a long time

People who are trying to lose weight drastically reduce their calorie intake, skip meals, or eat very little. However, our brain immediately reacts to this, the blood sugar level drops, and it signals the threat of hunger. Hence, uncontrolled gluttony follows. Carry healthy snacks with you. Otherwise, the chances are high to eat more junk food, clouding your mind in a fit of hunger.

6. Plan and think about your meals

Willpower is a limited resource. The intention to lose weight without willpower, which we do, no matter how small, drains our cognitive resources and drives us into overwork. This means deciding what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thus, you do not create an unnecessary burden on your willpower, removing harmful foods from the field of view and focusing on foods that contribute to weight loss.

7.  Analyze failures and learn from them

  If you think straight, there is a possibility that you will be tempted at some points. The overwhelming majority go out of their way to eat the whole cake on their own and then promises not to let it happen again. However, it is advisable to simply analyze the reasons, find ways and means that will help prevent these actions in the future.


8. Take action now

Trust me, you will be able to lose weight permanently, no matter how many times you have tried it in the past. Give yourself a chance. Tell yourself – I can do anything. Analyze your failures, track your successes. The time may seem very long, but it will pass anyway, so why not start now. Stay on track, focus on the big picture, and you’ll get the results you’ve always dreamed of. If you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, then the lack of willpower is not at all a reason to renounce a slim figure.

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