Vegetarian diet for weight loss

Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss

For most of us, eating every day without meat seems unusual, but the vegan diet has been talked about more and more boldly over the past few years, urging people to give up meat for health reasons.

Vegetarian diet requirements

The basic principles include the fact that a person completely or partially refuses to eat meat, chicken, fish and seafood, eggs, dairy products, and protein from plant foods, such as legumes and nuts.

Such a diet, undoubtedly, cleanses the body of toxins, starts the proper functioning of metabolic processes, helping to lose weight and get naturally rid of extra pounds. If at the same time the diet is also balanced, then it will give a very effective result, which will be fixed for a long time. And after a gradual return (if desired) to the regular menu, the lost kilograms will not return.

What is the use

Vegetarian diet for weight loss: woman eat

The more correct the food is, the more efficient and faster the process of losing weight will begin, while natural cleansing will occur, and aging will slow down.

  • Eating large amounts of fiber daily can reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. And some of the doctors say with confidence that the risk of cancer is reduced.
  • Life expectancy increases, because the rejection of fatty foods preserves the walls of blood vessels and the heart, making them healthy and elastic.
  • We get a huge amount of vitamins and folic acid necessary for the body, minerals needed for the work of all organs, and proteins and antioxidants.

Of course, one cannot but say that vegetarianism also carries negative aspects, namely:

  • Proteins are absorbed almost completely, and this happens quite quickly, while only part of the protein is absorbed from plants, and the process is very slow.
  • Some experts believe that refusing meat leads to a decrease in immunity, the number of colds increases, anemia, and bone loss are possible.
  • It should be remembered that only completely healthy adults can resort to vegetarianism and follow a specially designed diet.
  • It is categorically impossible to give up meat and fish for children, pregnant women, people with serious chronic diseases, and old age makes its own adjustments.
  • The lack of milk and dairy products in the diet can lead to disruption of the nervous system, and problems with hematopoiesis can occur.

This is not a complete list of the dangers and benefits of vegetarianism. There is another important aspect worth paying attention to – a varied and full-fledged vegetarian menu will require significant costs for the family budget.

Vegetarian diet for weight loss

Vegetarian diet for weight loss: weight los

A meat-free diet is primarily aimed at rejuvenating and naturally burning excess weight. If you follow all the rules and recommendations, then in 1-2 weeks you can lose 20-25 lb.

It is very important to follow these rules:

  • Calculate the calorie content of foods using special scales that can count grams (kitchen scales) or learn how to calculate the total calorie content of a dish, which is quite easy to do.
  • Eliminate fried foods from the diet;
  • Use salt very sparingly, if possible replacing it with other natural spices and seasonings, lemon or lime juice;
  • Drink up to 2-3 qt of clean cool non-carbonated water daily;
  • Give up completely from smoking and drinking alcohol;

Smoothly exit the diet after its completion, gradually including meat dishes in your diet.

Vegetarian diet for weight loss: girl smoothie

I didn’t like a single diet, because in almost everyone you need to exclude starchy foods, and I love them very much. Then I came across an ideal food system for myself, in which this product needs to be consumed a lot, but only boiled or baked. I am happy with the result – I lost 9 lb with cabbage and potatoes in a week. I advise.

Which products are suitable

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Most of the products are freely available on the shelves of regular stores and supermarkets, and they are not difficult to obtain.

  1. Cereals
    Cereals and legumes include all cereals and pasta, cereals and breakfast cereals, some types of bread made from whole grain flour.
  2. Vegetables
    Potatoes and carrots, squash, all types of cabbage, radishes (and other root vegetables), celery stalks and root, all greens, and especially spinach.
  3. Fruits
    Everything except sweet grapes. Berries and fruits can be eaten not only for breakfast but also as a snack during the day.
  4. Milk
    Here everyone decides for himself – to include in the diet or not. But all products with a normal percentage of fat are allowed.

Also, you should definitely take care, and do not forget to include in the menu a little honey, vegetable oil, nuts and dried fruits, salt, and spices.

Please note that following a vegetarian diet means taking vitamins every morning after breakfast, preferably a good, complete complex that provides the body with everything it needs.

Avoiding meat and losing weight

The correct vegetarian menu is already quite balanced in itself, it is enough to delight yourself with sweet dishes in the morning, introduce various new products and dishes from them to the menu in the afternoon, and stew vegetables and salads of their fresh vegetables in the evening.

If after dinner there is a feeling of hunger, you can drink a glass of milk or kefir, eat a portion of yogurt or cottage cheese, a handful of nuts, or dried fruits.

In the morning, a small amount of sweets is allowed. For example, over morning tea, you can pamper yourself with a small piece of dark chocolate, this will not hurt your figure in the least. But you should not get carried away with flour and harmful sweets, chips, and soda, it is better to completely abandon their use in taking care of your health.

Because vegetarian food is light, but at the same time satisfying, the body begins to cleanse itself, the correct metabolic processes are launched, and this is a direct path to natural and simple weight loss.

Approximate options for a vegetarian menu for a week

Vegetarian diet for weight loss: vegetarian menu

It is quite simple to compose a menu without meat on your own, it is enough to develop an approximate list of dishes that would be enough for a week to alternate them later. However, it is worth remembering that the portion should not exceed 14 oz. This is approximately one large cup of food in volume.

The first day:

Breakfast – 5 1/3 oz boiled buckwheat porridge (sweet or salty), toast with honey, a cup of green tea.
Lunch – a portion of vegetable soup, 1-2 slices of rye bread, a salad of fresh vegetables with vegetable oil and lemon juice.
Dinner – 5 1/3 oz boiled rice, stewed vegetables, a glass of fruit drink.

Second day:

Breakfast – 2 sandwiches with cucumbers and tomatoes, fresh herbs, a cup of coffee, fruit salad.
Lunch – a salad of apples and celery stalks, seasoned with unrefined oil, 2 potatoes in their uniforms, dried fruit compote.
Dinner – 2 toasted toast, squash, or eggplant caviar, a portion of couscous.

Day three:

Breakfast – any porridge on the water, pear, tea.
Lunch – vegetable soup with tofu, stewed vegetables, orange juice.
Dinner – stewed vegetables with mushrooms, pickled red onions.

Day four:

Breakfast – cucumber salad with parsley and butter, jacket potatoes, green tea.
Lunch – lentil soup, carrot and cabbage salad, jelly.
Dinner – pasta with mushrooms, and apple.

Day five:

Breakfast – a portion of oatmeal with honey and berries, coffee, and toast.
Lunch – tomato soup, fruit salad.
Dinner – vegetable stew, a glass of juice.

Day six:

Breakfast – Pancakes or pancakes, tea with honey.
Lunch – a portion of vinaigrette, any fruit.
Dinner – a casserole of potatoes and vegetables, a glass of fruit drink.

Day seven:

Breakfast – any porridge on the water, toast with jam, green tea.
Lunch – a salad of cauliflower and broccoli with unrefined oil, boiled cereals, compote.
Dinner – Pasta with tomato – garlic sauce, banana.

Lacto-vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet for weight loss: lacto vegetarian diet

Unlike the classic vegetarian diet, this menu is complemented by egg dishes and delicious dairy products. It is great for those who find it difficult to eat only plant foods.

Menu with dairy products and eggs

The first day:

Breakfast – hard-boiled egg, toast with Adyghe cheese, tea with mint.
Lunch – buckwheat porridge with a slice of butter, vegetable salad with butter, and lemon juice.
Dinner – vegetable stew, a glass of fruit drink.

Second day:

Breakfast – a portion of cottage cheese with berries and honey, a cup of coffee.
Lunch – a portion of stewed potatoes with mushrooms, salad, apple.
Dinner – milk porridge, kefir.

Day three:

Breakfast – omelet with tomatoes, tea with honey.
Lunch – lean vegetable soup, a portion of vinaigrette.
Dinner – curd casserole with jam, yogurt.

Day four:

Breakfast – yogurt with fruit, a couple of toasts with butter and cheese, coffee.
Lunch – vegetable puree soup with oatmeal, a portion of sauerkraut.
Dinner – rice pudding with dried fruits, a glass of juice.

Day five:

Breakfast – fried eggs with a portion of beans in tomato sauce, green tea.
Lunch – vegetable risotto, tomato, and greens salad.
Dinner – stuffed with vegetables and peppers, a big apple.

Day six:

Breakfast – cheesecakes, soft-boiled eggs, tea.
Lunch – a portion of stewed vegetables with beetroot salad, pear.
Dinner – vegetable salad, a glass of kefir.

Day seven:

Breakfast – pancakes stuffed with mushrooms, coffee with milk.
Lunch – tomato soup, potato salad.
Dinner – stewed vegetables with pickles.

Varieties of vegetarianism

Vegetarian diet for weight loss: woman eating chia pudding

Those who adhere to vegetarianism eat only vegetables and fruits, mushrooms, various cereals, and cereals, often refusing to include eggs and dairy products in their diet. But there are many principles of vegetarianism – and there are directions in which it is allowed to eat not only milk and even fish with seafood.

Let’s consider these areas in more detail

Lacto-vegetarians – adhere to a principle reminiscent of the Indian style of eating, in addition to plant foods, the menu includes milk and sour milk products, sour cream, and cheese.

Ovo Vegetarians – Milk is not allowed with this style, but you can treat yourself to amber honey and eggs. Thanks to this, the menu becomes diversified due to pastries and bakery products.

Lacto-Ovo vegetarians are the most fortunate of this style, with fish and seafood as well as dairy and eggs making their food more varied.

Useful advice from nutritionists

First of all, do not confuse concepts such as vegetarianism and veganism. The latter excludes from the menu all food of animal origin, including eggs, dairy products, and even honey made by bees. And vegetarianism is just a refusal to eat meat.

Nutritionists advise their patients not to overdo the diet for weight loss and cleansing. To lose weight, a 2-3-week course is enough – this is quite enough for the excess weight to go away, and the state of health improves.

It will be possible to repeat the course in 1.5-2 months, while it is worth considering that you should be careful to return to normal food with meat dishes, gradually including low-fat varieties of veal or beef, fish and seafood in the diet.

How to lose 7 lb in a weekHow to lose 7 lb in a week:

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About the results

  1. In 2-3 weeks, you can easily lose weight up to 20 lb, provided that there is sufficient physical activity during the day and all recommendations are followed.
  2. The gastrointestinal tract is cleansed, general well-being improves, blood pressure and sleep quality are normalized.
  3. After a week, the swelling will subside, the complexion will return to normal, the body’s ability to resist viruses and bacteria will increase.

It is useful to include a diet in your lifestyle 3-4 times a year, that is, before the start of each of the seasons. And in the summer, you can even switch to vegetable and fruit dishes when the vegetables are young and contain a lot of vitamins.

Be healthy, lose weight deliciously and with pleasure, take care of your health!

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